Distribution Agents

In today's competitive technology market, product placement can be very challenging. Lengthy sales cycles, relationship building and product education can monopolize key resources and limit your distribution in the market.

Endeavor Link has assembled a network of the world's top sales executives, focused on delivering the hottest products and solutions to the global technology market. As distribution agents, we are able to take your products and leverage our instant access and established relationships to secure distribution with our targeted customer base. As time to market is critical, let Endeavor Link be your channel to increased market share and profitability today.

Mobile Telecoms Consultancy

With the rapid pace of change with today's technology, operators are seeking innovative ways to introduce new applications to the market. With access to over 100 years of cumulative experience in the Telecoms market, Endeavor Link can provide your company with the edge it needs to focus and execute upon your business plan. Areas of expertise include;
  • Wireless Infrastructure Equipment & Devices
  • Mobile Applications and Delivery Platforms
  • Mobile Entertainment Services
  • VoIP Technologies
  • Location Based Services
  • Operator and Consumer Markets

  • New Market Entry

    With our team of Telecoms professionals, expanding the global reach of your products and services is what Endeavor Link does best. Our direct experience with mobile operators in over 30 countries, allows us to serve in a capacity that delivers real opportunities to your business. We can introduce your business into;
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • MEA
  • APAC
  • In today's wireless technology arena, being in multiple markets is a must for growth and survival. We have direct first hand experience in all of the major regions of the globe and maintain an up to date contact base in every major market within each region respectively.

    Strategic Business Development

    Endeavor Link will proactively engage with your staff, review your products and technology and work with you to develop a sales strategy. Once defined, we will develop go to market plans for propositions, identify and prioritize target customers and manage the initial sales cycles. Depending on your requirements we can customize packages, taking you from introductions all the way through to the establishment of fully functional in market operations.

    By leveraging our extensive contact base, comprising senior telecoms executives, decision makers, our reseller network and general business contacts, we will open the right doors and execute by delivering on your objectives.


    At Endeavor Link, we have many years of experience in creative selling and closing deals. We understand what it takes to generate relevant leads that will ultimately deliver revenues and profit and we are very familiar with the necessity of a timely and effective return on your investment. We have a proven track record in high value selling and we will put a sales plan in place that meets your quota and deliver on it.

    Product Management

    Defining the products and services in your portfolio can be quite challenging in today's market. Understanding the market and defining the business case for a product is a critical step to ensure revenue success. Whether you are defining a Product Roadmap or looking for the next compelling service, we can help identify those unique selling points that will help you understand how to best deliver product to market.

    Product Marketing

    Having a tough time getting the right message out to the market? Looking for that core differentiator that will give you a leg up on the competition? Perhaps your sales force needs a more comprehensive understanding of the market and how to position your products? These are all areas where Endeavor Link can provide guidance to your organization. We understand the global market and the local intricacies of product positioning, pricing and most importantly, relationship management.
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